“This thing we call “failure”, it’s not the falling down, it’s the staying down.”

A sentiment applicable to my life right now. Thanks Mary Pickford.

Anyway, since Tough Mudder finished I’ve been in an evil slump of slackness. Without a big event to train for, and also because of my knee pain, running stopped. For the past 3 weeks my life has slipped back into old, shit habits. I’m not eating hardly at all. Averaging less than 800 calories a day again. As a result I have lost weight after gaining a precious 5 kilos over the past 8months. I haven’t been sleeping properly, which means I’m one cranky bitch. God help us all. So, after yet another morning of waking up feeling like my limbs were glued to the bed (even after 10 hours sleep) I decided I’d had enough moping. It was time to get back into things. It felt good to pack all my running gear to take to work. I charged up my Garmin. Looked longingly at it all morning and FINALLY stepped out of the office to attempt my first run in weeks. I looked good in my new lululemon shorts. The weather is brilliant. I felt great. I started to run and felt fantastic. Like a big weight had been lifted off my shoulders. The prep beforehand bolstered my mental keenness. Garmin gave me 300m before my knee seized up. FUCK FUCK FUCK. I thought perhaps I could keep going if it was just a little twinge every now and then. Nope. By 500m I could hardly bend my knee back properly it hurt so much. Fuck you knee. Fine. I still managed a 3km walk. ANYTHING to break the exercise drought, to force me keep moving and start feeling better again.

Time to get moving again...

Time to get moving again…

I am shitty about my knee. I will go back to my physio to discuss it, however chances are it just needs lots of rest. Like months of rest. Booooooooo. Instead of sulking and mourning my running highs, I have resolved that I’m not dead, and it’s just my knee that’s the problem, there’s plenty of other exercise I can do while I’m waiting for my knee to heal. Insanity Cardio Abs only requires lying on the floor if I’m not mistaken. No excuses there. I am also going to get to a fitness class at the local rec centre, just to try it out, keep moving, sweat a little. Sweat a lot. Dana has promised me that pole dancing is quite the workout. Fuck it, time to give that shit a go. I fell down. Here I am getting back up again.


6 thoughts on ““This thing we call “failure”, it’s not the falling down, it’s the staying down.”

  1. Awesome blog as usual di! Especially the casual swearing 🙂 I just starting boxing classes again – u should come – its a great work out an can cater for injuries 🙂 xx

      • Good on you Didi for doing what you can, it’s so hard to get back into it after a slump. Definitely try dance class, there’s one in Cannington if you don’t want to drive to the city. They are great for allowing all sorts of impact and fitness levels. I also love boxing Neri! It doesn’t matter if you suck Didi you can only get better!! Perhaps you could try some upper body weights as well??.. whilst the knee heels. Pretty bummed you can’t come running with me ATM 😦

  2. So this is the time you make a new goal for SWIMMING! As far as I know (hearsay only, no research) swimming is great for pretty much everything including recovery from injury of any type at all 🙂 And it works your whole body!

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